How Much Does Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

How Much Does Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

As one of the most approachable methods to improve a home’s energy rating, the installation of a ceiling fan will keep your home feeling cool and breezy, without incurring the high costs that usually come with an air conditioning system. 

In fact, with the upcoming change to a higher requirement for home energy ratings across Australia from the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, you may already be thinking about getting a new ceiling fan installed in the home. 

So, how much does it cost to get a ceiling fan installed in the home? 

How Much Does Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?​

The costs of installing a ceiling fan in a home range between $180 to $300. This cost is applicable to homes that already have existing wiring and compatible ceiling ports for the installation. 

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If your home does not have the necessary wiring for ceiling fan placement, additional costs may apply based on the extent of wiring that will need to be done before the ceiling fan can be installed. 

What are the Costs Involved with Installing a Ceiling Fan?

General costs for ceiling fan installation will include the price of the ceiling fan, the labour costs of a licensed electrician, and any additional electrical work such as rewiring, if necessary. 

Whether as a new inclusion to provide more cooling to your home or as a replacement for an existing ceiling fan, a ceiling fan installation is something that you should budget and plan ahead for to avoid runaway costs during the project. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Installing a Fan​

To help you build a clear budget, here are the key factors that will affect the cost of ceiling fan installation:

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Brand and model of the ceiling fan

The price of the ceiling fan itself is something to consider, since its price can possibly exceed that of the installation itself. Ceiling fans go for as cheap as $80 or as expensive as $800, and come in various sizes and designs.  

Homeowners that already have a ceiling fan in mind can purchase it beforehand and have it installed by a qualified electrician after. In some cases, they can also request for an electrician to purchase a ceiling fan on their behalf to speed up the process.

Existing electrical layout of the home

For homes that already have the proper wiring at the desired installation location, the ceiling fan can be fitted as soon as it is available. If rewiring is necessary to create an installation point however, there will be additional costs for the work. 

This applies especially to new parts of the home for ceiling fan installation, such as an outdoor fan. Outdoor home areas often don’t have structure for a ceiling fan and will require electrical and possibly construction work to create an installation point, amounting to a higher cost.

Choice of electrician

Electricians each charge for their services differently, and the service you choose for ceiling fan installation will add to its cost. However, you should be careful about services with extremely low prices — you pay for what you get, and cheap services may not always result in a long-lasting or quality installation.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Ceiling Fan?

On average, it will take an electrician about 1-3 hours to install a ceiling fan properly, depending on the need for additional electrical work. Larger ceiling fans with extra features like in-built lighting may also take longer to install due to the complexity of the installation. 

During the installation process, electricians will ensure that the wiring of the fan is properly connected and that the fan is adequately balanced and secured to the ceiling for safety. They will also test the fan after installation to ensure that it is working as intended. 

Who can Install a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan installation is best carried out by a licensed electrician due to the need to access a home’s electrical wiring. For safety reasons, you should never attempt to install a ceiling fan on your own — in doing so, you risk electrocution or other accidents that can lead to serious injury or death. 

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