Switchboard Upgrade Costs & Price Factors 2024

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If your property’s switchboard is due for a replacement or upgrade, you may be wondering just how much it will cost to upgrade to a new switchboard. Having an understanding of average costs before you call out an electrician will ensure you’re not overpaying, allowing you to budget accordingly.

Well, we’ve covered all you need to know in our guide to electrical switchboard upgrade costs for Sydney homeowners and commercial property owners below.

What is an Electrical Switchboard?

Electrical switchboards are the main control centre for all of the power that runs throughout your house or property. Think of it as an HQ that manages your home’s flow of electricity — without it, you won’t be able to safely access the power supply. Contained within it are an array of switches that are linked to electrical circuits within the building.

For residential homes, electrical switchboards are often located next to your power metre and manage the various circuits that power the different rooms in your home. 

For commercial or industrial properties, electrical switchboards are much larger in size and are usually housed in an electrical room.

Lifespan of an Electrical Switchboard

Electrical switchboards are built to last and can remain functional for up to a period of 25-40 years. Given proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of electrical switchboards can be extended. 

The converse is true, of course, switchboards that are exposed to the elements, especially water, won’t last very long and have a higher risk of malfunctions.

Switchboard Upgrade Costs

Reasons to Change or Upgrade your Switchboard

Eventually, the time will come when your switchboard needs to be replaced, whether it falls into disrepair or simply is too old to keep up with your property’s power needs. Here are some reasons for changing or upgrading your switchboard:

  • Frequent short-circuit events
  • Damaged components (e.g. broken switches)
  • Outdated hardware
  • Incompatibility with new electrical additions (e.g. solar panels)
  • Presence of burning smells or smoke
  • Buzzing noises of sparks
  • Switching to more efficient models for cost savings

Mainly, the most common reason for changing or upgrading to a new switchboard is for safety reasons. There are strict standards for providing functioning and safe switchboards for a property in Australia

Cost to Upgrade your Electrical Switchboard

The average cost for a switchboard upgrade in Sydney typically falls between $800 – $2000. This doesn’t just include the new switchboard, but also takes into consideration the installation service that will be required to get it wired in and working. 

In terms of options for residential properties, you have smaller output switchboards with a capacity of 160-amp that cost around $300 – $600, as well as higher capacity switchboards at 250-amp that can cost up to $2000.

Electrical switchboards for commercial properties or industrial facilities have significantly higher capacity in order to handle the huge power requirements. These high-current switchboards can have a capacity of 800-amp and over.

Factors that Influence Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Costs

This is just an average cost – electrical switchboard upgrade costs can also deviate from the estimates we’ve provided above in certain situations. Some factors include:

The Size of the Property

Larger properties usually have greater power needs, which then necessitates a higher capacity switchboard to be used in the upgrade. This can add to the overall cost of the electrical switchboard installation.

The Need for Additional Electrical Work

Replacing the switchboard is not an isolated task – tests will need to be carried out to ensure that electricity is flowing safely. It’s possible that your electrician may discover other underlying issues affecting the property’s electrical network that will need to be worked on to complete the installation.

The Type of Switchboard

As mentioned before, higher-capacity switchboards are going to cost more. Different manufacturers can also offer similar switchboards at different prices, so it’s good to talk to your electrician about your budget and power requirements.

Factors influencing the price of the upgrade

Tips for Choosing the Right Electrician for your Switchboard Upgrade

When it comes to deciding on an electrician to perform a switchboard upgrade for your home or business building, choosing the cheapest service isn’t always the best approach. 

Put simply: you pay for what you get. You’re better off using the cost estimates mentioned above as a guide and focusing on finding an electrician with the relevant expertise and a proven track record. Look out for electricians with consistently positive client reviews — it’s a sign that they know what they’re doing, and leave their customers satisfied with the job.

If you’re looking for an electrician in the northern suburbs of Sydney – we’re your guys. With over 10 years of experience servicing the area, our professional switchboard upgrade services span the local community of the Northerns suburbs and Northern Beaches, whether it be Chatswood, Hornsby, or Manly.

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