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Installation, Repairs & Testing of Smoke Alarms

Radiance Electrical provides installation, testing, repairs, and servicing of all smoke alarms in homes and commercial spaces across Sydney’s north shore and northern beaches. Smoke alarms save lives – ensure that your home and your family are protected by calling in the experts at Radiance Electrical to manage your fire safety electrics.


Legislation requires all NSW homes to have at least one smoke alarm installed and working on each level of their home. Our experienced electricians can assist with smoke alarm installations in all types of residences, such as houses, strata units, and caravan homes, as well as commercial spaces and offices. Our services also span smoke alarm repairs and smoke alarm maintenance for existing units to ensure that they are in proper working order. Smoke alarms are often placed at hard-to-reach locations and may require specialised equipment for access, especially for hard-wired smoke alarms. 


Hard-wired smoke alarm installation, repair, or testing can only be carried out by a licensed electrician. These types of smoke alarms differ from battery-operated smoke alarms due to their electrical connection to a fire safety system and will require qualified electrical expertise for installation, testing, and repairs. 

The Importance of Smoke Alarms in Sydney Homes

It is a legal requirement for all buildings where individuals sleep to have smoke alarms installed on every level, especially in the areas or hallways adjacent to bedrooms. This includes homes, rental properties, mobile homes such as caravans or camper-vans, and strata buildings. 


Under NSW law, it is the responsibility of owners and landlords to ensure the installation of smoke alarms at the appropriate areas, and that they remain functional for the safety of all residents. Getting an experienced electrician is the best way to install the right type of smoke alarms within your home or property. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do smoke alarms need to be tested?

Fire and Rescue NSW recommends that smoke alarms should be tested at least every six months to ensure that they are in working condition. Most smoke detectors have a “test” button on them that can be used to check if they are still in working condition. Simply press the button and hold it for 5 seconds — if it is still working well, you should hear a beeping sound. 


For commercial spaces, smoke alarms may need to be tested and serviced every quarter of the year based on the size of the building, and the rules of the building plans. 

How many smoke alarms do I need?

It depends on how big your home or space is. All homes will need at least 1 smoke alarm on every level. Smoke alarms must be placed at locations close to sleeping areas along adjacent hallways or spaces. 


Our team of electricians will be able to provide the best advice on how many smoke alarms your space will require to be in compliance with fire safety laws, and for the safety of all occupants. 

Can’t I install smoke detectors myself?

It depends on what smoke detectors you are installing. Hard-wired smoke detectors that need to be connected to the building’s electrical system can only be done by a certified electrician due to the potential safety risks involved. 


Battery-powered smoke alarms will not require specialised installation, but it’s always preferred to engage an electrician for safe and correct installation.

How much do smoke alarm testing services cost?

The average cost of smoke alarm testing will generally range from $100 to $200, depending on the service provider. 


A testing service will typically include a comprehensive testing of all smoke alarms within the building to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations, as well as a general cleaning from dust and debris and battery replacement, if necessary. If you’d like to get a quote for smoke alarm services in Sydney, get in touch with the friendly team at Radiance Electrical!

Who can test smoke alarms in NSW?

Testing is best carried out by technicians who have the specialised knowledge of what to look for in a smoke alarm’s functionality, as well as how the current placement matches up to the NSW standards of fire safety. 

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