How Much Does A Level 2 Electrician Cost In Sydney?


Level 2 electricians are qualified to be able to provide more extensive services than ordinary electricians. Generally, this involves power upgrades (think converting your property from a single phase set up to a 3 phase upgrade), but it can also involve general worn on service lines above and below the ground.

Obviously, with more risks involved, more extensive work required, and higher qualifications on the electrician’s part, the cost of hiring an level 2 electrician in Sydney will be different to getting a general electrician out. Let’s break down these costs.

What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 ASP electricians in Sydney are highly qualified to perform a broad range of services across residential, commercial and industrial properties, specifically relating to the connection and disconnection of electrical systems to the main power supply. This can include the installation of private poles for customers, upgrades to consumer mains, and installation of overhead and underground service mains, among others.

Common services that level 2 electricians offer include:

  • Private pole installation
  • Switchboard relocations
  • Disconnect and reconnect the electrical supply
  • Extending power to a studio or granny flat
  • Smart meter installations
  • Make repairs to overhead power lines
  • Electrical work for major renovations
  • Work on underground service lines
  • Point-of-attachment (POA) repairs
  • Burnt-out barge fuses emergency replacement
what is a level 2 electrician?

Average Level 2 Electrician Costs in Sydney

Average costs for a level 2 electrician in Sydney will start around $120 per hour. 

Like most trade-related work, the cost of an electrician is usually dependent on factors like the size and complexity of the job (yes, we know – this vague answer doesn’t help anyone!).

Generally, you should expect to pay more for a level 2 electrician than for an ordinary electrician. This is because level 2 electricians are more qualified and have to acquire additional licences and accreditations in order to perform complex and dangerous electrical work.

For example, most wiring connection jobs will usually take at least 2 hours, meaning that the cost of the project will start at $240. More extensive projects, such as upgrading overhead service lines or relocating power connections, can span several days or even weeks. Installing a new wiring system for a medium-sized house can cost between $3,800 to $8,000, with costs increasing for additional services and installations. 

While the upfront cost for a level 2 electrician may seem high, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of their electrical work. 

What’s the Difference Between Level 1 And Level 2 Electricians

While regular electricians handle simple maintenance and repair tasks for residential or commercial electrical systems, a level 2 electrician is better suited to handling large-scale installations in addition to repair and maintenance work.

With a higher level of training and accreditation, level 2 electricians are qualified to perform work on overhead and underground electrical systems that link a building to the main electricity supply network.

In NSW, legal requirements for electrical work state that any work that involves power supply lines can only be conducted by a level 2 electrician. This includes circumstances such as:

  • Moving into a new residential or commercial property 
  • Power supply failures
  • Home or office renovation projects
  • Upgrading a property’s electrical supply

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Level 2 Electrician Services

Size of the job

More electrical work involved in the job will invariably lead to higher costs. Completing electrical work takes time, and the larger the scale of the project, the more considerate level 2 electricians will have to be to carry out the work and safety checks to ensure a job well done. 

Complexity of the project

The cost of hiring a level 2 electrician in Sydney will vary based on which services you require from them. More complex tasks like installing a new lighting system may require the use of additional specialised equipment as well as other considerations for the electrical system, which in turn increases the overall cost.

Cost of materials

The electrical project will require the use of specific materials and resources, ranging from wiring to other electrical components. These materials will have to be sourced and purchased, and the expenses involved will add to the cost of the service. 

Using higher quality materials will usually lead to higher expenses but with the benefit of increased performance, durability, and a reduced need for maintenance or repair.  

Service charges

Level 2 electricians may operate with additional charges on services, including fees for travel or urgent work that needs to be completed within a short time frame. Most electricians will provide a clear breakdown of the cost of the service within a quote, including these service charges. The best way to budget for the cost of a level 2 electrician is to inquire in advance about the project you have in mind before booking a service. 

As trusted providers of electrical services in Sydney and on the North Shore, Radiance Electrical has a team of experienced level 2 electricians who can help you with your electrical needs. Whether you’re looking to hook your newly built home up to the main power supply or need to disconnect your commercial building for renovation work, we can get the job done. 


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