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Powerpoint Installation For Sydney Homes and Businesses

Radiance Electrical provides installation, testing, and replacement power point and outlets services for in residences and commercial spaces. Servicing Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches, our electricians can help with everything from repairs to new installations.


Getting a power point installation can help add more functionality to your space and eliminate the need for untidy wire extensions. The position and number of power points within a home or office space can be a limiting factor for achieving an optimal layout — the existing power points in the space can often be located in odd, hard to reach areas that prevent them from being used easily. Our electricians can provide power point installation that adds more accessible power points around your spaces, increasing the ease of access for appliances and furniture that require power. 

Working with Radiance Electrical

Powerpoint installation in NSW can only be carried out by a licensed electrician, and covers electrical work such as the connection of new power points to the property’s electrical system, the provision of high quality power points to meet the usage requirements, and repair or removal services for existing power points. Our team of electricians will work closely with you to understand the exact number and placement of power points to be installed in your home or commercial space and ensure that they are safe to use. 


We offer many types of power points for installation, including but not limited to:


  •  -Single power points 
  • -Double power points 
  • -Power points with switches
  • -Power points with USB ports – for charging phones and -USB powered devices.
  • -Weatherproof power points –  for outdoor applications, rated at IP53 
  • -15A power points – ideal for use with heavy machinery or equipment that requires 15 amps.

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Don’t Risk a DIY - Work with Expert Electricians

Powerpoint installations involve complex electrical work related to the property’s electrical system that poses dangerous risks for those that do not have the proper training and experience to handle it. To ensure your safety and a job well done, getting a professional electrician to install power points is necessary.


In addition to the safety concerns, the process of installing power points may also involve a check of the current electrical system in the property to determine if it will be able to accommodate more power points. If the current electrical system is insufficient to support the addition of more power points, it will be necessary to have it upgraded as well. With Radiance Electrical, our team will conduct all the required checks and will advise you if this is necessary. 


asked questions

How many power points can be installed in my space?

This will depend on the layout and size of your space, as well as the current state of your electrical system. Our electricians will be able to provide you with an expert opinion on how many power points can be installed in the different areas of your property and what will be required to get the job done.  

Can I install power points by myself?

Power point installations pose extremely hazardous electrical risks and should only be carried out by an electrician who has the technical expertise and experience for connecting it to the property’s electrical system. 

Will my switchboard need to be upgraded?

 Our electricians will carry out the necessary safety and benchmark testing for your electrical system to determine if your switchboard has the capability to support the number of additional power points for installation. We will advise you on whether your switchboard needs an upgrade , as well as provide the upgrade service for your convenience. 

How much will power point installations cost?

Power point installations in Sydney cost anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on your service provider, as well as the number and type of power points you wish to install. This cost covers the testing and electrical work involved in the service, but may not include the cost of the power point units. 


To help you find an accurate estimate to guide your budget, Radiance Electrical can provide you with a free quote for your power point installation requirements. Call us today to find out how affordable power point installations can be in Sydney!

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