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Radiance Electrical offers professional switchboard upgrades and repairs throughout Sydney for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s to update your home’s electrical systems or fitting out a new commercial setup, our level 2 electricians have got you covered.

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Switchboard Electricians in Sydney

With over a decade of experience in delivering switchboard services to Sydney’s residents, Radiance Electrical is equipped to handle any upgrade or repair project for all types of electrical switchboards. Our switchboard services go above and beyond to ensure that all electrical systems are well-integrated and function seamlessly.


We can also repair electrical switchboard issues like incorrect wiring or loose fixtures, with same-day job response for your convenience. Contact us today to discuss your switchboard issues, and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote on the job.

When To Upgrade Your Switchboard

When a switchboard becomes old, damaged, or begins deteriorating, it’s important to have it upgraded or replaced, purely for safety. In NSW, a switchboard upgrade must be conducted by a qualified level 2 electrician to replace outdated or problematic electrical switchboards.


Here’s how you know it’s time to upgrade a switchboard:


‣  Loose or old fuses that pose a fire risk

‣  The presence of exposed asbestos on or around the switchboard panel

‣  Safety inspection notice from the power authority

‣  Requirement for installing new equipment e.g. air conditioning

‣  A faulty switchboard

‣  Broken switchboard switches

‣  Flickering lights

‣  Frequent short-circuit events


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How much will a switchboard upgrade cost in Sydney?

The cost for a switchboard upgrade in Sydney is between $800 – $2000. Aside from the labour costs of specialised electrical switchboard installation, this overall estimate also includes the cost of the new switchboard. 


Smaller output switchboards around 160-amp will typically cost around $300 – $600, while higher capacity switchboards at 250-amp will set you back more at up to $2000. 


At Radiance Electrical, we can provide you with a free quote for your Sydney switchboard servicing or upgrade requirements. Contact us today and our friendly team will get back to you promptly.

How long does a switchboard upgrade typically take?

A switchboard upgrade can take up to a day to complete for most residential properties. Typically, for regular-sized houses, the upgrading process could take around 4 to 8 hours. More extensive upgrades for commercial buildings may take up to a few days, depending on the complexity of the project. This time frame is necessary to allow our expert electricians to ensure that the installation is completed smoothly and correctly.

Can you upgrade my switchboard without disrupting power?

For safety reasons, we’ll need to turn the power off when working on a switchboard. Switchboard servicing will require power to be turned off during the installation or repair process. 


For your convenience, our skilled electricians will endeavour to complete the work as soon as possible to minimise the disruption to your activities. Our team will discuss the estimated time of disruption with you beforehand to allow you to plan ahead to minimise inconveniences.

Do I need to upgrade my switchboard for solar panel installation?

Depending on the model and state of your switchboard, you may or may not need to upgrade it for solar panel installation. Most solar panel systems require a robust switchboard to handle the amount of electricity generated. If your switchboard is showing signs of age, it most likely needs to be upgraded before your solar panels can be installed. 


Getting the advice of external solar electrical professionals to examine your switchboard can help you determine if it needs an upgrade. You can also contact our team for electrical advice regarding solar installation and integration.

Can Radiance handle emergency switchboard repairs?

Yes, we are equipped to handle emergency switchboard repairs on the same day you contact us. Our team understands the urgency of electrical issues and offers responsive services to address your electrical emergency. 


In the case of switchboard malfunctions or electrical emergencies, it is important that you do not attempt to restore power on your own for your own safety. Contact us immediately and our team of electricians will be there as soon as possible.

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