At Radiance Electrical, we’re not a one-trick pony, but a jack of all trades. And we do all of our work with the same level of care, quality, and detail. Here are some of the areas we can lend our expertise to:

You can trust Radiance Electrical Services to do a superior job every time, first time.

10+ years of industry experience

Lifetime Warranty

Upfront Pricing


 If you have an electrical emergency and you haven’t booked one of our electricianss ahead of time, don’t worry — our electricians are available for emergency jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We have the expertise to help you install or replace power points safely and precisely to make sure you can access your electricity.


We can help you choose and install the right lighting solutions. Our electricians on Sydney’s northern beaches know what makes lighting work and can help enhance the ambience and functionality of any space with good, reliable lighting.


We can inspect your switchboard and repair or upgrade it to ensure your safety and convenience, as well as the best electrical performance. We can fix issues such as frequent tripping, outdated components, or low capacity and provide lasting electrical repairs across safety switches.


Our electrical experts can install, repair, or replace exhaust fans to ensure proper ventilation. We can help you maintain a comfortable environment and improve air quality.


Early detection and timely alerts may be the difference between life or death in a fire emergency, so smoke alarms are of the utmost importance. We can test, replace, and install smoke alarms to maintain good working order, ensure your safety, and meet the required codes.


We know how important it is to have reliable data and communications, especially in the work-from-home era of the digital world. We can help you with data cabling, phone line installation, internet connectivity, and more.


 As authorised ASP Level 2 service providers, our electricians can connect, reconnect, or disconnect your property from the grid, as well as providing metering, overhead, and underground service connections.