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Radiance Electrical is a local provider of residential electrician services. Based in Sydney’s North Shore, we provide high-quality solutions that solve electrical concerns of all shapes and sizes.

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From electrical rewiring to power point installations, Radiance Electrical can do it all. We provide electrical services that meet all the demands of the modern household, as well as emergency electrical services on the North Shore, for when you’re struck with power issues after hours. 

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Servicing Lower & Upper North Shore Homes​

At Radiance Electrical, we’re North Shore locals ourselves. We know what it takes to solve all kinds of electrical problems, from the smallest to the biggest jobs. So, when you need reliable, expert, and professional electricians on the upper or lower North Shore — we are the ones you can trust. We take a customer-centric approach to every job, coupling our personal touch with our extensive experience and commitment to quality.

Get in touch with us for all your electrical needs on the North Shore, and ensure you’ll never have to search for a go-to electrician again.

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Questions and Queries

What services do your North Shore electricians offer?

Radiance Electrical is a team of electricians on the North Shore offering all the electrical jobs you might need. Our expertise covers all areas, including the following:

Installation, Reconnection, and Disconnection: We are authorised ASP Level 2 service providers. That means our electricians are qualified to connect, reconnect, or disconnect your property from the grid.

Data and Communications: Our North Shore electricians understand the importance of reliable data, internet, and communication lines — that’s why we offer data cabling, phone line installation, internet connectivity, and more services.

Switchboards: We can inspect, repair, or upgrade your switchboards for the most optimal electrical performance. We can also solve issues such as frequent tripping, outdated components, or low capacity, to ensure your safety and convenience.

Power points: We can inspect, replace, upgrade, or repair the power points in your home or business safely and precisely to make sure you can access your electricity.

Exhaust Fans: Our North Shore electricians can install, repair, or replace your exhaust fans to ensure proper ventilation and maintain a comfortable level of air quality.

Smoke Alarms: We can test, replace, and install smoke alarms to maintain good working order, ensure your safety, and meet the required codes.

Downlights/Lighting: No more blown bulbs or dodgy lighting. Our electricians on the North Shore can help you choose and install the right lighting solutions, enhancing the ambience and functionality of any space.

Are your North Shore electricians available 24/7?

At Radiance Electrical, we can provide electrical services at short notice, no matter the time or what day of the week it is. We know that there’s sometimes no timeframe for electrical jobs — especially emergency ones — so we’re ready to help 24/7.

Do you provide electrical safety inspections?

Yes – we can provide electrical safety inspections for your home or business. And that’s not all — our safety inspections are complimentary with each job completed, meaning you won’t have to pay any extra to get an electrical safety inspection while we’re there.

Can you connect my North Shore home to the grid?

Yes, we can. Our North Shore electrical providers are all ASP Level 2 certified and licensed electricians, meaning we are qualified and equipped to provide connection services. We can get your home up and running within the day.

I’m moving house. Can you disconnect my electricity?

Absolutely. Radiance Electrical are proficient and experienced in handling electrical upgrades and installations — from lighting upgrades to power point installation. We have the knowledge and materials to provide the best installation and upgrade services, so simply get in touch with your request, and we’ll handle everything for you.

What suburbs do you service on the North Shore?

We provide electrical services across the entire of both the upper and lower North Shore, from Hornsby and Gordon to Chatswood and North Sydney. For a full list of the North Shore suburbs we can cover or to inquire about your location, visit our location page or contact us via phone or email.

Are all your North Shore electricians insured?

Yes — all of Radiance Electrical’s electricians operating on the North Shore have the insurance cover they need to perform the toughest electrical jobs. They are also fully licensed, adhering to rigorous industry standards. Radiance Electrical holds up-to-date Public Liability Insurance, allowing us to complete North Shore electrical jobs.

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