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We Install Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans Across Sydney Homes

Radiance Electric are the experts when it comes to safe, efficient and effective fan installations across residences in Sydney’s Northern Beaches & North Shore. 


Our fan installation services span ceiling fans and exhaust fans for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Ceiling fan motors can vary between alternative current (AC) and direct current (DC) models, with each type requiring specific wiring connections for proper installation. Some models of ceiling fans also come with additional features like in-built lighting and remote controls that need to be properly wired. For accurate and safe ceiling fan installation in Sydney, it’s best to get the help of qualified electricians – don’t risk doing it yourself.


Exhaust fans are smaller units that help with ventilation, and usually install in home areas like the bathroom or kitchen. Placement for the exhaust fan in your home can be in difficult-to-reach areas, such as in the ceiling or inside a wall, requiring the expertise of an electrician to ensure a secure installation.

Fan Installations, Repairs & Servicing

Our fan installations cover all aspects of the process – from determining the optimal placement in your home to balancing the fan so that it does not come loose over time. To that end, our electricians can also perform ceiling or exhaust fan maintenance or repairs for your existing fans if they have stopped working or are having issues with operation.


With years of quality service and happy customer reviews under our belt, Radiance Electrical is the best choice for fan installations, servicing, and repairs across Sydney and the North Shore.

You can trust Radiance Electrical for a superior job every time, first time around.

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How long will it take to install a new ceiling fan?

A straightforward ceiling fan installation by our professional electricians will take between 1 to 2 hours. This period includes ensuring proper mounting, wiring, and balancing for safety and proper performance. Depending on whether there are other electrical issues that require additional work during the installation, such as rewiring or installing new switches, the installation process could take longer.

Can I purchase the fan for you to install?

Yes, absolutely. You are free to purchase the fan separately before having us install it for you. Simply inform us of the specifications of the fan you plan to purchase ahead of the installation so that we can prepare the necessary equipment for it. If you would like us to procure a suitable fan for you, we can also do that on your behalf.

Can you also repair exhaust or ceiling fans?

Yes! We can repair all types of ceiling and exhaust fans, whether they are producing a squeaking or whirring noise, becoming shaky or loose, or simply not working at all. Our electricians will perform tests to find the root of the issue and repair them for you if possible so that you can use them safely with greater convenience.

How much does it cost to install a new fan?

Installation for a new ceiling fan can cost between $180 to $300 in Sydney, assuming you already have the basic wiring and ceiling box for the fixture. If you do not have the necessary wiring set up for a ceiling fan in the desired location, the cost of the installation can extend beyond $300. 


Exhaust fan installation for the bathroom or kitchen will set you back about $150 to $500. This price will include the necessary ductwork needed to guide the air extraction to the outside of your home.

Do I need an exhaust fan in my bathroom?

It depends. A bathroom exhaust fan installation is only mandatory for bathrooms with no windows. If your bathroom already has a window, it may not be necessary to get an exhaust fan installed, unless you want the added ventilation.

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